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The VPN Shop is here to make a difference

Our team at The VPN Shop can boast of 10+ years working in the VPN industry. This knowledge presents us with a problem: knowing exactly how the industry works, and we aren’t happy about it.

This is why The VPN Shop is making a much-needed change in the world of VPN reviews and content.

Our proposal? A new, user-based model benefiting customers and providers. We’re beyond lining the pockets of small cowboy affiliate sites and large tech publications. We want to rid the industry of cashing in on an unsustainable commission based model jeopardising integrity and putting revenue before what’s right for you; the customer.

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How and why are we different?

You might be asking: what makes The VPN Shop different from other VPN review websites?

To start, all of our VPNs are fully approved by our team of experts – and money doesn’t play a role in the final decision. Instead, we randomly alter the position of each approved provider to ensure equal exposure. From our experience, we know +70% of clicks on a normal review site go to the providers in position 1 and 2.

In other words: dozens of worthy VPNs are overlooked. And for what reason? To earn money off affiliate links? No thanks.

At The VPN Shop, we don’t earn any commission for the sales we drive and therefore have no interest in which VPN you buy – provided it’s a VPN worth your money. And that’s exactly what The VPN Shop is all about.

Our user-based model will be a game-changer in the market – one we’re proud to put our name behind.

Privacy Online

All VPNs featured on The VPN Shop come with military grade encryption, to give you ultimate privacy when surfing the web.

Accurate Pricing

Our pricing is dynamically updated hourly so you can be sure to pay the price you see here.

Fastest Download Speeds

All VPNs have been fully speed tested using the latest scientific methods and from 10 locations around the world.

Frequently Asked Questions from customers just like you

Why use The VPN Shop over other sites?

When you’re looking for a new VPN provider, it’s a very important decision – meaning it’s essential to do your research. The problem is, with so many VPN comparison sites giving different answers about who’s the best VPN service, it’s easy to get confused.

This is where TheVPNShop.com comes in.

We put the power back in YOUR hands by allowing you to choose for yourself. After all, one VPN might be the best for Gary, but Gary’s preferred VPN might not be the best for you.

All the VPNs listed on our comparison pages were carefully chosen and audited so we can guarantee the fastest speeds, highest grade encryption, and the ability to unblock whatever streaming service you want, when you want, and from where you want.

This means the only work you need to do is choose a VPN provider on what matters most to you – whether that’s price, speeds, customer service levels, or review scores. The bottom line: we’re giving YOU the ability to shop when, where, and how you wish.

What makes The VPN Shop different to other VPN comparison sites?

TheVPNShop.com boasts a new, innovative business model unique to pretty much every other VPN comparison site out there. In other words: we list all the VPNs that work for any given service and YOU choose the order they appear based on your preference of price, speeds, customer reviews, and so on. For example, if you’re looking for the best iPlayer VPN, you may prefer a VPN that is the cheapest, however someone else may be able to pay a little more and get a faster VPN.

We’re done with the business model used by other VPN comparison sites, who work on the standard premise that whichever VPN provider pays them the most money, will appear on the top of their lists.

How does The VPN Shop make money?

Unlike other VPN comparison sites who earn money via affiliate links, TheVPNShop.com works with VPN providers on a non-committal basis. This means we can drop them if we don’t think their product is good enough for you (our readers!).

Instead of earning a commission for each sale made through our website, each provider pays us a flat monthly fee to help cover our operating costs. This helps enable us to grow. We don’t need the mega bucks! First and foremost, we want a sustainable business that will be around for as long as we’re needed.

Let’s go into a little more detail.

The standard commercial arrangement in the VPN space is earning a flat CPA per sale. That figure has grown to unsustainable levels which we believe only benefits the affiliate (see Future Plc’s share prices as an example as they build out VPNs across their portfolio of tech websites including TechRadar, T3, Tom’s Guide, etc…).

At TheVPNShop.com, we believe this business model is outdated and downright selfish, and will be the collapse of the industry itself sooner or later. Why? Because it means VPN comparison sites give preference to the provider with the deepest pockets, who pays the highest CPA. Don’t believe us? Search for the best Netflix VPN on Google and check some of our competitors. Whilst some of the bigger VPNs, Nord, Express & Cyberghost are always listed, notice how the order differs and the VPNs below them are vastly different.

This might work for them, but it’s definitely not what’s right for their readers. It also means VPN providers are paying out millions in commissions that could otherwise be invested in improving their product or to further promote the benefits of VPNs to a wider audience.

So, in an effort to do what is right and help change the industry for the greater good, this is where TheVPNShop.com steps in.

We Have Great Customers, They Also Think We’re Great

“You guys are going to be great, there so many cowboy review sites out there and very few genuine and trusted ones.”


“I wanted a cheap VPN to take with me on holiday. The VPN Shop allowed me to search for a VPN ordered by price but that was also guaranteed to work.”


“I was looking for a VPN to unblock Netflix. The problem was, every other comparison website was showing a different VPN in the number one position. Some of them didn't even work! At The VPN Shop, all the VPNs where guaranteed to work, it was then up to me to choose the best for me. Naturally I went for the fastest!”


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