About Us

TheVPNShop.com is the first VPN comparison website of its kind which aims to put the power of shopping for VPNs firmly back into the customer’s hands.

“But what about all the other VPN review sites….what makes you different to them?” Great question! The answer is simple, they produce usually a list of 5 “recommended” VPNs for any given service – the sneaky part is the order of these lists is usually determined by whichever VPN provider pays the most money per sale. Don’t believe us…search for ‘What is the best VPN’ and compare the results the many review sites give. Not only do they recommend different VPNs, but they also recommend them in a different order.

This is where TheVPNShop is different. We have reviewed every VPN on our site thoroughly, robustly and, more importantly, made sure they do what they say. We wont limit any list to a specific list of 5 or 7,  we let YOU decide how many are shown and in what order they’re shown with our handy VPN comparison table and sorting box.

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