About Us

Our Story

The VPN Shop is the first VPN comparison website that puts the power of shopping for VPNs firmly back into our customer’s hands.

The founders of The VPN Shop worked together at BestVPN.com and soon came to realize that there is a real need for a VPN comparison site that was truly impartial and transparent in the way that they work.

One of the key things that resulted from this behavior in the market is a frustration to customers who just want to know what the best VPN is for their primary needs.  It is with this thinking that Scott, Stefan and Charlie soon left that business and founded a comparison site with the right level of integrity and moral compass to be truly impartial about which VPN providers are recommended.

Our Mission

It is not just about being unbiased – we have a standard of excellence in everything that we do by not putting commercials first, but instead by focusing on what customers want. Whilst other VPN comparison sites primarily focus on making more money, we believe in offering an honest and genuine service to our customers.

“But what about all the other VPN review sites, are you really that different to them?” Great question! The answer is simple, they typically produce a list of 5 “recommended” VPNs for any given service – the sneaky part is that the order of these lists is usually determined by whichever VPN provider pays the most commission to them.

This is where The VPN Shop is different. We have assembled the finest talent in the VPN industry to work collectively because we share a common purpose. That common purpose is to remove the mask from the VPN industry.

People don’t like being lied to, so we have reviewed every VPN provider that you see on our site thoroughly, robustly and, more importantly, to make sure they do what they claim.  When they don’t, we contact the providers to check and validate if they are being intentionally misleading or if there is a genuine error that we can help them to fix.  It is with this ethos that our customers will give us credibility, loyalty and consider our services as the gold standard in the VPN industry.

Our Promise

Authenticity and credibility are what separates The VPN Shop from other VPN comparison sites.  To make sure that everything we do is as transparent as possible, we make the following promises:

  • To be accurate and completely unbiased in our reviews
  • To treat all VPN providers as commercial equals: we will not accept higher commissions or payments for better reviews (we’ve turned down plenty of offers already)
  • To use our moral compass to make the industry better for customers all over the world
Mandee Rose

Mandee Rose

Chief Editor

A former researcher and writer at BestVPN.com, Mandee is our Chief Editor and without any commercial worries, Mandee is able to review and 'tell it like it is' when it comes to her writing.

When it comes to 'Privacy' there is often a number of opinions and Mandee is not afraid to fight her corner and is also quoted on a number VPN & privcy focused news sites.

Scott Byrom


After spending three successful years at BestVPN.com and the architect of 'The BestVPN.com Awards', Scott decided he could do so much more to make it a more honest and transparent industry for our two main customers...the 'VPN Provider' and the 'VPN Shopper'.

As Co-Founder, Scott leads the overall strategic vision for The VPN Shop.

Stefan Mustieles


Having led BestVPN.com to their most sucessful organic performance in 2017, Stefan is now keen to repeat that success with The VPN Shop.

Stefan's focus is the 'VPN Shopper' and how customers research the best VPN for their needs through search engines like Google, Bing and others around the world.

What our VPN Providers say about us


You guys are going to be great, there so many cowboy review sites out there and very few genuine and trusted ones.


TheVPNShop are a different kind of VPN review site. They are and will change the face of the VPN industry.

What our VPN Shoppers say about us

After seaching in Google for the best VPN to unblock Netflix, I found that pretty much every site recommended different VPNs as being the best. As someone who is new to the VPN world I found this very confusing and wasnt sure who to trust.

Then I came across TheVPNShop, who listed every VPN that unblocks Netflix, and I was able to choose a VPN based on what features were important to me. A very much needed VPN review site.


When shopping for a new VPN, I found that I had to do scroll endlessly on other sites to understand the features of each VPN.

At TheVPNShop, their comparison table lists each VPN side by side showing all their features allowing me to do a very quick comparison.Even better I can add and remove VPNs so that I can compae the VPNs that are important to me.