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The VPN Shop is a reader-supported website.

We earn a rental fee from some of the services and products listed on this site. This rental fee is paid by the VPN service to advertise their product on It in no way influences their position or visibility on the site.

The standard affiliate model, used by most of the “VPN review websites” is not in the best interest of the customer, which is why their terms are often hidden away, so people will think they don’t earn any commissions – which isn’t true.

P.S. We’re not affiliated with any of the VPN providers listed, but only these eight.

Why are you changing the model compared to other VPN review sites?

Its simple. Other review sites determine the order of a VPN list by the amount of money they’re paid per sale. The more money a VPN provider pays, usually via a CPA (cost per application), the higher in the table they’ll be. This leaves the whole system open to manipulation.

Need proof? Why would actively ‘Not Recommend’ PrivateVPN when other review sites rate it so highly?

PrivateVPN Review Google Results

We have no doubt this is due to a commercial dispute between the two parties, which is why they purposely gave PrivateVPN a very poor review. Considering 858 customers at VPNMentor rated it highly, who do you think is lying? If they are manipulating the review of PrivateVPN, what else are they manipulating?

This forms the root cause of We want to put an end to the current untrustworthiness of the VPN review market and put the power back into the hands of YOU, the customer.

Will this cost you more money?

No, it won’t.

Does it impact the rankings/ratings of the reviews?

How we rate VPN Providers

Disclaimer: Reviewing VPNs is a subjective task. Finding the “best VPN” is also very subjective. So before buying any of the VPN services, make sure you read more reviews online, compare VPN features and do your own due diligence.

This is why the buttons on our VPN list pages DO NOT send you direct to the VPN service to buy (unlike every other VPN review site). We appreciate your research phase is not finished yet, so we’ll first take you to our in-depth VPN review so you can learn more about the service before you decide to buy.

Why are we disclosing this?

We want to change the market, We want to bring back consumer trust to the market. We also want VPN providers to be able to invest more into their products to make them even better and be able to advertise the value of VPNs worldwide. We want to be upfront with our visitors. We consider our reviews to be completely unbiased.

And again, we want to be honest to you guys, our readers.