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Using a free VPN, whether it’s to watch Netflix or any other reason, is generally a very bad idea.

Of course, there are always exceptions, even if – at least in this case – exceptions are very far and few between.

So rather than leave you high and dry, we did some digging (and lots of testing) to find two free VPNs that are safe to use and will work with Netflix.

Why a Free VPN Should Be Your Last Resort

Before we introduce the two VPN services we recommend sticking to if you’re looking for a free VPN, we want to help you understand why even they should be a last resort.

And no, it’s not because premium VPN providers are paying for recommendations.

We don’t let money sway our opinions or lead us to lie to our readers (which is more than most VPN comparison sites can say).

1. Most Will Track You Online and Sell Your Data

selling data online

The whole idea behind using a VPN is to keep yourself safe and your personal information private.

Premium VPNs help you do this by using military-grade encryption on their servers and having a strict no-logs policy.

Of course, some of them have questionable policies or log your data regardless.

That said, running servers and using security measures costs money.

If you’re not paying for the VPN service you’re using, there’s a strong chance they’re selling your information in the same way your Internet Service Provider (ISP) does.

If you still think we’re crying wolf, take a look at this CSIRO study proving at least 75% of all free VPNs are tracking user activity.

2. They Could Be Fake or Faulty

Fake Letters

After the Republicans in the House of Representative voted (almost unanimously) to let ISPs sell your data behind your back, a whole bunch of fake VPNs started cropping up like mushrooms in a pile of manure.

We’ll be honest – this issue isn’t unique to free VPNs. You need to be very careful when visiting legitimate VPNs too.

Hackers used a fake version of the NordVPN website to fool interested parties into downloading an infected clone of the NordVPN Windows app to steal banking details.

But that’s the thing: it’s easier to create a fake VPN that goes undetected if users can download it for free.

Just take a look at Opera VPN. It’s being offered – for free – by a legitimate browser. Except it isn’t actually a VPN: it’s just a proxy, which isn’t the same thing at all.

Still not convinced?

Hola used to be a popular VPN because you could use their free version just as well as their premium version. Except the free version was used to sell users’ bandwidth to some shady people, who used it for a botnet attack.

Which Free VPNs Can I Use to Watch Netflix?

Before we tell you, there’s one more caveat to provide.

Even though we’re as sure as possible these 2 free VPNs are 100% legitimate, there’s 0 guarantee they’ll work 100% properly. There’s still a risk factor to using them.

Only instead of that risk being getting hacked or having your data sold, it’s that their security measures might fail.

You should also be aware they aren’t going to work with Netflix all of the time. So if you’d rather enjoy consistent security and a better-than-average level of performance consistency, take a look at our guide on the best Netflix VPNs that will unlock even more movies and TV shows.

Otherwise, here are the only 2 free VPNs we suggest as a last resort for watching Netflix:


Windscribe homepage

Windscribe is our #1 pick for a free VPN you can use to watch Netflix. Unlike almost all the alternatives, their free version offers all the same features as the premium subscription does.

The only exceptions to that rule: bandwidth and the number of server locations available (10 vs 58).

While paying users get unlimited bandwidth, Windscribe’s option caps usage at 10GB/month.

This is still incredibly generous – most (legitimate) free VPN services only give you 500MB, or 2GB if you’re really lucky. To sweeten the deal even more, Windscribe will give you an extra 5GB if you tweet them.

And on top of that, you can get another 1GB by referring friends. Even better, if one of them decides to go premium when joining, Windscribe will upgrade your account too – absolutely free of charge.



Ultrasurf is more like a VPN-proxy hybrid than a true VPN, so we’re only adding them as a back-up option to Windscribe and we don’t suggest you use it for things like torrenting.

Because it’s a 100% free service, Ultrasurf currently only has a Windows app (though they also have an Android app in beta testing).

You’ll need to download a ZIP file and extract the .exe installation file, which establishes an encrypted connection to Ultrasurf’s servers.

At the moment, they’re having speed issues due to network overload. This isn’t surprising, but Ultrasurf says they’re working to fix it.

Ultrasurf Notice

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